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CPS430 - Friday, January 22, 2021   

Flare Notification Radius Calculator

*Flaring Method:Whether flaring with a flare stack or incinerator.
*Conduct Flaring On:Type of well, battery / facility or pipeline that flaring will be conducted on.
*Raw Stream Sulphur Content:The amount of daily sulphur in the raw gas stream.
*Flare Duration Period:Hours / DayNumber of hours in which flaring will take place during a 24 hour period.
*Est. Flare Volume (in 24-hour period):103 m3Volume (10^3 / m^3) of gas that will be flared during a 24 hour period.
*H2S Concentration:%Moles of H(2)S per kilomole of gas.
*Marks required fields for the form above.
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