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CPS430 - Friday, January 22, 2021   

How to Place an RFN Order

Step 1: The need for flaring exists:

  • When flaring activity is required for oil and gas operations a notification to occupants and landowners within the notification radius may be required. Additional Licensees may need to obtain a permit to flare or incinerate from the AER.

Step 2: Contact Caliber Planning with well and flaring details:

Step 3: Complete the AER Flare Permit Application on our web site:

  • Our online help desk will assist you in determining all of your flaring needs.
  • You may need a permit, if so it can be accessed online.
  • Use the Flare Notification Radius Calculator to determine the notification radius.
  • Complete the rest of the online form. A Caliber Planning representative will contact you within the next 24-72 hours.

Step 4: The RFN software goes to work:

  • A search of our existing internal database is made.
  • Required data is accessed online from land titles and additional data sources.
  • An initial line list is prepared.
  • A letter is prepared and forwarded to all known landowners notifying them of the flaring activities.
  • All the required information is forwarded to a Caliber Planning Field Technician for delivery.

Step 5: Field Technician receives information:

  • Caliber Planning's Field Technician travels to the notification area.
  • The Field Technician meets with available landowners and area occupants and gathers the required data.
  • The Field Technician uses GPS equipment to capture the location of buildings and roads within the notification radius.

Step 6: Caliber Planning receives data from the field:

  • A map of the notification radius is prepared.
  • A report is prepared for the client.
  • A copy of the Flare Notice Form is submitted to the appropriate AER field centre, along with a copy of the completed line list and map.

Step 7: Documentation is sent to client, including:

  • A complete project report.
  • A complete copy of the line list.
  • A copy of the map.
  • A copy of the invoice generated for services provided.

Note Clients may track the progress of their RFN orders online.